Welcome to Year One - Teresa Class

Our inspirational person is Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

We have been learning about the life of Saint (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta and how she has recently been made a saint.

The Year One Team:

Mrs Syms - Class Teacher

Mrs Dine - Teacher

Mrs Grogan - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jeffrey - Teaching Assistant (Wednesdays)

Mrs Syms will teach Year One on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays Mrs Dine will teach the class. 

Mrs Grogan will be out of class on a Wednesday to do her display work around school. We will be supported by Mrs Jeffrey on these days.

Miss Baines - Student (Mondays and Thursdays)

Our link governor is Mrs Kirton.  


For the Year One long term plan please click here.

For the curriculum plan for Spring 2 please click here.

Phonics Home Tasks

Thank you to all those who returned their phonics sheet on time. Your help at home is vital. If you find your child is struggling with a particular sound please refer to the resources sent home from the phonics evening.

As always, please ask if you are unsure of anything.

I hope to run another Phonics Clinic in the near future.





P.E. days are Mondays and Fridays. Children will need indoor P.E. kit of white P.E. T-shirt, navy shorts and pumps this half-term. Please make sure that all items are named; it is very easy to lose P.E. kit that isn't named. Earrings should not be worn during P.E. for health and safety reasons.

Our fantastic new playground is now ready to use. Over the coming weeks we will be developing the outdoor area to include different areas for learning. On Friday we made the most of the lovely weather and played some games outside.

Saint Joseph's Day

Year One had the important job of leading our St Joseph's Day Mass in school on 16th March. (St Joseph's Feast Day is actually 19th of March)

The readers were superb and we had lots of positive comments from staff in school. Fr Sean was most impressed! Well done Year One - you did us proud!

On Friday 3rd March we were joined by a crew of pirates (friendly ones of course!)

Pirate Nik Nak and Pirate Jenny helped us make pirate waistcoats and hats and Captain Kat and Bosun Brains showed us lots of pirate games and songs. We have been invited along to the pirate day in Bradford. Details can be found on the flyer your child brought home on Friday.

We brought favourite books from home to share with our friends.

Father Sean blessed our new classroom for us on Ash Wednesday.

The New Classroom

We are in!

Please note, we will collect children from the main playground as normal on the first day back after half-term. We will advise you as to the new arrangements for collection at the end of the school day in due course.

Peace at Last!

We hope you were able to join us for our class assembly where the children told the story of Mr Bear's hunt for somewhere quiet to sleep. We are sure you will agree that they did a superb job of retelling this well loved story. The children are now writing their own stories based on Peace at Last.

Visit to the cenotaph in Myrtle Park

We visited the cenotaph to look at the poppies that had been laid the previous day during the Remembrance service. It was very interesting to see the dedications and to look at the names on the monument itself. We spent some quiet time in reflection and said the Eternal Rest for those brave men and women who gave their lives in service to our nation.

Can you read the poem that we found? It is very well-known.

A huge thank you to our parent volunteers who accompanied us.




We use the rainbow for our rewards and sanctions system just as in Reception. Children who are following our school rules may go on the rainbow. Sometimes children may need a gentle reminder about what is expected of them. We love to celebrate when our friends get onto the rainbow. 

Each day a member of our class becomes the Star of the Day - this whole-school reward is celebrated during our end of day worship. The Star of the Day then becomes our 'Busy Bee' the next day and can choose a 'Busy Bee' helper. The Busy Bees will then lead the line and do special jobs for the class.

Please see the section on the website; Day by Day - Behaviour and Discipline for further details. 



Children will continue with daily phonics lessons throughout their time in Year One. In June all Year One children nationally will sit a phonics screening test. Please see the websites below for further information.  


Useful websites for phonics

 Phonics Screening Test

 Phonicsplay Some resources require a subscription but there are many free games and resources

 Mr. Thorne Videos of sounds plus many other reading resources

 Phonic games to play

 'Letters and Sounds' is a useful tool for games to play at home.

Correct articulation of phonemes


St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School uses the 'Floppy's Phonics Sounds and Letters' scheme to promote rigorous synthetic phonic teaching for reading success. Please access the link to learn more about the scheme, the order of teaching and further information on synthetic phonics.


There will be a meeting for parents in the Spring Term to discuss the National Phonics Screen for Year One pupils in June.


Phonics Learning This Week:

We are now revising all the sounds previously learned and looking at families of spellings.


This week we have been learning more alternative spellings:

Previously taught red sounds in Year One are: ie (as in pie), ow (as in bow), ea (as in eat).ew (as in screw) ew (as in news) ir (as in bird) aw (as in yawn) eer (as in deer)ea (as in bread), -ce (as in dance), o (as in onion, other) -ed (t as in danced) (d as in rained) and (ed/id as in landed) a-e (as in pale, ape, grapes) ; e-e (as in Steve, enening, extreme) ; i-e (as in pipe, shine, smile), o-e (as in rose) u-e (oo- as in flute) and u-e (yoo - as in cube) a (as in table, baby), e (as in me, she), i (as in find, kind), o (as in no, go), u (oo sound as in super), u (yoo sound as in uniform, computer) ph (as in phone) and phonics) au (as in laundry and Autumn) 


Previously taught blue sounds in Year One are:

ai, ee, igh, oa, oo (long as in spoon) oo (short as in cook), ar, oi, ow, er, ur,  air, ear, -ue (as in glue) and -ue ('yoo' as in rescue), ure ('yoor' as in pure) and ture ('ch' as in picture),

Children are now being encouraged to make their own spelling choices from the phonemes/graphemes already learned. The more they read, the better chance they will have to identify sounds/spellings in words and therefore build up their spelling repertoire.  

Please continue to help your child with their phonics learning and encourage them to read widely.


Year One Key Words

Please click here for a list of the Year One key words for reading and spelling. Children will have two or three words to learn at a time. These will be sent home in the reading records. Please help your child to read and spell these words. Children receive a certificate once all these words have been learnt. 


Maths 'Learn By Heart Targets'

Children throughout school are encouraged to know their Learn By Heart Targets. Each set of targets is designed to meet the requirements for each age group in school.

Please use the blue books to record what your child has been working on. The targets can be found in these books along with some ideas and activities.

Please click here to access the facts that your child would benefit from knowing by the end of Year 1.