News and Events

We aim to keep Parents and Carers fully informed of school activities.

School Newsletter

Our school newsletter is published every week, usually on Wednesdays. Due to popular demand, we have reverted to sending a paper copy of the newsletter home. In case your child (or you!) lose it, it will also be posted onto our website too.



Our calendar details what events and activities are taking place soon.


Meet the Teacher

At the start of the academic year, there will be an opportunity to meet your child's class teacher informally. Parents and Carers are also given a formal appointment to discuss your child's progress during the Autumn and Spring terms. In addition, there will be a written report produced at the end of every year.


Parental Involvement

Parents and Carers are warmly invited to assist in a variety of activities, such as reading, small group work, music, PE, craft activities, cooking, gardening and school trips. We appreciate involvement in school life in any way, please just ask!