Pupil Welfare


St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School is committed to keeping each and every child safe at all times. Our safeguarding policy details the procedures staff follow to protect children from harm and promote their welfare.

Miss Lister and Miss Jones are the named persons for child protection within our school.

Pupil Welfare

Parents are asked to keep us informed of any changes to their child's health that might affect their well-being at school.  It is important that we are aware of conditions such as asthma, epilepsy, allergies, hearing or sight impairments, diabetes or eczema.

Bradford District NHS offers support for the health needs of children in our school through its school nursing services.  School Nurses are responsible for screening children at school entry, checking vision, hearing, weight and height.  Parents can access the school nurse at any time, if they have any concerns.  In school, school nurses may work alongside teachers in a health promotion role.


Catholic Care

Sometimes children need a little extra help and support - perhaps they have suffered a bereavement,  their parents are separating, they have suffered some kind of trauma or perhaps they may just need a little TLC. This is where professional counselling can offer support and guidance. Please see Mrs Robinson if you wish your child to see our school counsellor.


We supervise the administration of prescribed medication when it needs to be taken during the school day. Medication should be clearly labelled with the child's name, dosage, method of administration, and timing of dose. Parents/carers are required to complete an administration of medicines form at the school office.

Medicines should be delivered to the school by the parent / guardian - never the child.

Children who use inhalers to control asthma are encouraged to do so and will be supervised at school.

In all cases, parents are welcome to administer medicines whenever possible, or if they prefer to do so.

Our trained First Aiders in school are:

Miss Bristow           Mrs Robinson

Miss Simmen          Mrs Grogan

Mrs Gill



We have a number of children in school with severe and life threatening nut allergies. Therefore, the school has a 'no nut' policy. Please DO NOT allow your child to bring in any food stuffs containing nuts, e.g. cereal bars, chocolates containing nuts etc.  Thank you.

Head Lice and Threadworms

All schools experience head lice and threadworm outbreaks.  We ask all parents to remain vigilant, performing checks at home regularly (especially at the beginning and end of terms), encouraging good hand washing habits at home (after using the toilet and before eating),   and making arrangements for treatment quickly in order to minimise spread.
To help prevent outbreaks, longer hair should be tied back at school, and children are asked to wash their hands before eating and after using the toilet. 
These links to NHS Choices provide further information on head lice and threadworm.