Faith Leaders


In school our Faith Leaders have a busy and important role!

This year all of our Faith Leaders are from Year 6.

Meet the team...


One of our favourite jobs is leading the end of the day Star Assembly but we have also led Worship on Mother Teresa and Remembrance for the Whole School on Friday Mornings. We are currently undergoing training on good ways of using our new prayer space here in school. We are looking forward to working with Miss Jones and Mrs Wilson to provide opportunities for all children during lunch times.


Laudato Si' - One God, One World

The Pope has written a letter about the need for us to look after the world that we live in so that future generations can enjoy it too. As a Partnership of Catholic Schools in Bradford, we have put together an art exhibition called 'One God, One World' that will be travelling around our parishes starting in Lent 2016. We are all very proud to be part of this project because we are promoting the Pope's message. We had lots of fun in school coming up with different art ideas and we enjoyed leading an assembly to launch the day in St Joseph's.

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