Extra Curricular

St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School fully recognises that music and sport are positive for our children's well being. Studies have shown that children who are involved in sports perform better at school (movement grows the brain!) and have an increased sense of self-worth. Of course, children involved in sports are also generally healthier due to their increased activity, and have stronger social networks than children who do not participate in sport.

Research suggests that children involved in music activities, for example, learning an instrument, are often 'better adjusted, with increased academic performance, ability to think creatively, emotional understanding, and emotional expression. Children involved in music typically have better memory skills than those who are not musically trained.' Kidspot

We have an evolving after schools club provision, from choir club, grammar club, karate, cheerleading dance and football - check out the half termly list for further details of what's on offer, when and who for!