Key Information

In this section, you will find key documents and information about how the school is run, it's aims and goals. As a Catholic school, St Joseph's has a distinct mission to provide a Catholic education with the Gospels at its heart.  St Joseph's strives to fulfill this mission, putting Christ at the centre of all we do. Our Mission Statement and the 'Catholic Life' section will tell you more about our school ethos and give further detail about how we try to put our faith into action and what makes our school a special place to be.


We also have our last Ofsted and RE reports which will give you inspectors' findings about the school and how it is run.

Our 'Attainment' will show the results gained by the children over the last few years: Reception's Early Learning Goals, Y1 Phonics and Y2/ Y6 end of key stage SATs.  These show what the children have attained academically, but we also strive to support the whole child's development, how we teach them to be good, well rounded Christian and British citizens which will be evident in all the other pages; their charitable work, their work in the parish and local community and  the examples of ways in which the children care for one another. We are extremely proud of all our children's achievements, be they academic, social, spiritual, sporting or otherwise and we thank their parents for letting us share them whilst they are in our care.

There is information on our admissions procedures and statutory school policies. If you would like further information on any of these documents, please do not hesitate to contact the school. The prospectus will provide lots of details about the school's every day running, routines and expectations.

Our SEN/D and Safeguarding sections will tell you how we look after our children and how we aim to help them all reach their potential.



School Priorities 2021-22

Here you can find what we and the children think are our strengths and what we feel we can improve upon even more!