St. Joseph's Catholic Primary is a popular school. Informal visits, when prospective parents and children can look around our school, can always be arranged. We also hold an open day during our Autumn Term which is advertised on our website. Full guidance regarding the admission criteria for St. Joseph's Catholic Primary can be found in our Admissions Policy 2017-2018 Please do telephone us to enquire about admission to the school and discuss your circumstances. 

We consider all applications and do have places cropping up during the school year as pupils move between schools and locations.  We offer places to pupils against the admission criteria and are pleased to talk about your application with you at any time. In year applications should be submitted directly to school through the Catholic Schools Partnership in year admissions form In addition to this, a supplementary information form should also be completed and given to school.

Here is a timetable for the admissions process for 2017 (more information is available on Bradford Schools Online).


Admissions Policies

Please find a link here to the admissions policy for the start of September 2017-18. 

Here is the 2018-19 policy and the 2019-20 admissions policy.

The Admissions Policy 2020-21 has now been agreed after a period of consultation and is here. This policy includes the SIF at the end.



Reception Admissions

The City of Bradford MBC is responsible for coordinating the allocation of school places in Bradford. They provide detailed information about the application process. You can access that information here.  In addition to this, a supplementary information form must be completed. The Supplementary Information Form (SIF) must be submitted to school by the closing date as advised by City of Bradford MBC. When you log onto the Bradford website to apply for a school place, there is also a copy of the SIF that you can download there. If you do not complete a SIF, your child will be placed in one of the categories for non-Catholics. We are a Catholic school and our admissions policy prioritises Catholic admissions so please do not forget to complete the form if your child is baptised.



If you are unsuccessful in gaining a place at St Joseph's, you are entitled to make an appeal. Please read our appeals timetable for further information. There is further information about the appeals process on Bradford Schools Online here: . Or you can contact them directly on  01274 439200, or, email them at