PE and Sports Grant

All schools have had some extra funding given to them to promote PE, physical activity and healthy living. The government is concerned about the growing obesity levels, particularly in young children. By the time they leave primary school, nearly a third of pupils are overweight or obese. The funding is to be used to try to help prevent our young children from becoming obese and developing all the associated health problems that this causes later in life. This funding can be used in a variety of ways, e.g. after schools clubs, staff training and equipment. This year, the funding has doubled, which allows us to be more creative in our provision.

At St Joseph’s we have used the funding in a variety of different ways:

  • Employed sport specific coaches to develop the children’s sport skills;
  • Subsidised before/ after school sports clubs;
  • Developed staff training in key areas such as assessment and gymnastics coaching;
  • We are releasing staff to enable them to take children to sports events/ tournaments;
  • Further develop the motor skills programme, training more staff to deliver it;
  • Developed active play at lunchtimes with equipment to support this;
  • Developed the role of young playleaders;
  • Engaged a world, commonwealth and European medalled athlete to inspire and motivate the children;
  • Providing support for the younger children to develop their fine and gross motor skills;
  • Introduced new sports to the children

By training both children and staff, by providing and developing active play, we aim to ensure these improvements are sustained by giving staff and children relevant skills to lead active lifestyles.


This year's spending:

To see how we plan to spend this year's funding, 2021-22, please click HERE.

To see how we spent the funding in 2020-21 and it's impact please click HERE.



Our Sports News page has further information on the development of sport in our school.

We have asked the children what physical activities they take part in and what they would like school to provide by completing surveys organised by the Sports Leaders. This will help us plan relevant experiences that the children will enjoy.

If you have any other ideas, please do speak to Mrs Knight (our PE leader), and let us know your thoughts!