Attendance and Punctuality

At St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School we stress the importance of children attending school regularly so that they get the maximum benefit from all the opportunities that are on offer.

We announce and reward the class with the highest attendance figure for the week during our Friday assembly.

We also reward those children who have had a full year of attendance.


The School Day

08.50            Children enter school.

09.00            Registration / lessons begin

10.25-10.30   Break

10.35-12.15   Lessons (Reception, Y1 and Y2 go to lunch from 11.45 onwards)

12.15-13.10   Lunch (Reception, Y1 and Y2 begin afternoon lessons at 13.00) 

13.10-15.10   Lessons

15.10             Star of the Day assembly

15.20             Children are dismissed

 Acts of Worship:

 Monday:   whole school

 Tuesday/Wednesday: key stage/ class worship

 Thursday:   Hymn practice, including prayers

 Friday:   Good work/ Star of the week assembly


Absence from school

If your child is ill and is not going to attend school, it is essential that we know as soon as possible.
Either drop a note in to school, or contact us by telephone after 8.30am.  It is a legal requirement that you let us know your child's name, their class, the reason for absence and how long you expect them to be away from school. 
If we have not heard from a parent about a child’s absence before 9:30am, we will endeavour to make contact to ascertain why they are not at school. If we cannot contact parents, we may need to make a home visit to check on the welfare of your child. 
Please ensure that we have two up to date contacts for your child so that we can contact you in case of emergency.

Medical / Dental Appointments

Please advise the school as soon as possible if your child needs to leave school to attend an appointment.  However, parents should try to make routine appointments out of school hours or in the school holidays if possible, as time out of school disrupts pupils' learning.


Late Arrivals

If your child arrives late, after the close of registration, please log them into the system at the entrance of the school. This is to ensure that our records are always accurate in case of emergency or evacuation - we must ALWAYS know exactly who is onsite. Thank you for your support.


Holiday Requests

If your child is absent from school for another reason, please let us know.  We would advise parents to avoid taking holidays during term time. Permission to remove your child from school during term time must be sought from the Chair of Governors, Mr Paul Copley, by completing an absence request form well before the event. Please obtain this form from the school office or complete the form included in the Holidays in Term Time Policy under the 'Key Information' tab.  The Chair of Governors will need time to consider your request taking into account your child's attendance record (and is not obliged to consent). You will be informed if approval has been granted. ABSENCES DURING SCHOOL TIME WILL ONLY BE AUTHORISED IN EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES, WHICH DOES NOT NORMALLY INCLUDE A FAMILY HOLIDAY.  Please refer to our holidays in term time policy for further details.