We are fortunate to have tasty, nutritious school meals provided by City of Bradford MDC. Menus are determined a term ahead, and rotate on a three week cycle, however, minor changes are occasionally made. A Christmas menu is also offered. 

A vegetarian option is available every day.  There is also the option of having sandwiches provided by the cooks as well if preferred to a hot meal.

Pupils can choose to have hot dinners on a daily or weekly basis. Payment for hot dinners is paid via ParentPay.

For children in Years 3 to 6, meals will be priced at £1.95. Reception class and Years 1 & 2 have free school meals. All meals should be paid for via Parent Pay.

You can find out more about the lunches, including viewing the current menu, by clicking the icon below. 

There is more information on the FM schools' app! 

Free School Meals

New national funding means meals will be free for all Primary School children in Reception class and Years 1 & 2, from the new academic year in September 2014. There are no forms to fill in, so from September simply send your child along to enjoy a free school lunch each day.

However, if you would be eligible for free school meals, it's a good idea to still register so that our school can benefit from extra funding. You can check to see if you are eligible, or apply on line by clicking here. Children in Years 3 to 6 could also get school meals for free. Please check eligibility by clicking the same link.


Packed Lunches

Due to some serious allergies, we have a NO NUTS policy in school. We also have a severe allergy to kiwi fruit, so please do not send any kiwi fruits or products containing kiwis to school, many thanks!

Children may bring a packed lunch to school. This should be clearly labelled with your child's name. We do not provide refrigeration facilities, and so we recommend the use of insulated lunch bags and ice packs, especially in the hot weather. Please try to ensure that the lunch your child brings to school is healthy and balanced, with no sweets or fizzy drinks. Drinks bottles/food containers should be unbreakable. We encourage reusable containers that keeps packaging/rubbish to a minimum.

We do not dispose of rubbish/left overs at school, so that you can see what your child has eaten. 

If your child does not bring a packed lunch to school, we will provide a school dinner that will require payment (for Years 3 to 6 only).


Food and drink at other times

Children are encouraged to drink throughout the day, and may bring a bottle of water to school. Bottles should be made from clear plastic, with your child's name on the side. Healthy snacks at break time are encouraged. These should be fruit, vegetables or brown bread. Fruit is provided for children in Reception and Years 1 & 2.

Milk is provided free of charge to all children in Reception until their 5th birthday.

There is an option to purchase milk for all other children on a termly basis. Further details are available from the school office.