Behaviour and Discipline

'Love, Care, Share'

St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School is committed to providing a fair and happy environment for the children in our care. All Staff offer strong moral guidance and promote positive attitudes and respect for one another. Behaviour and Personal Development at St Joseph's is outstanding.

Our behaviour policy outlines our expectations of the children in our care (this can be found under the Policies tab). Our children are extremely well behaved and we enjoy very good support from our parents if there are concerns about a child's behaviour.  Children are encouraged to consider their behaviour through regular circle time opportunities and an ethos statement of the week.  Each class agrees to a set of class rules, expectations of behaviour are clear to pupils, as are the consequences of misbehaviour.  There is a children's version of the policy under the Policies tab.

Good behaviour in Reception and Year 1 is reinforced using the 'Rainbow'. Children are encouraged to reflect upon inappropriate behaviour through the 'Rain Cloud.' 

Good behaviour in Y2 and in KS2 is reinforced through by moving along 'The Race Track' . Children are encouraged to reflect upon inappropriate behaviour by moving back on the track. Each time a child reaches the end of the track, they earn a raffle ticket. At the end of each half term, a raffle ticket is drawn from each class and a prize won. If children are moved onto 'changing rooms' (after warnings) then they will miss a playtime and their parents will be informed via text.

We have a 'Star of the Day' assembly at the end of every school day in which one child from each class is chosen as an example of exceptional behaviour or achievement. At the end of the week, a child from each class is chosen as a 'star' to received a special Virtue certificate and badge, with achievement related to that week's Virtue statement.

Each class can win gold medals from members of Staff over the course of the week. These medals are counted up and the class with the most medals is announced and rewarded in our Friday assembly. The team that wins the most gets a 'golden ticket' - a ticket that will allow them to choose a reward.

In addition to these, we have Headteacher awards at the end of each term (two children are chosen per class). Children who work exceptionally hard or make remarkable improvement can be rewarded with a certificate and a little present.

We also have a Home School Agreement, which outlines our expectations of ourselves, our children and how parents can support us in achieving our aims.

Attendance awards are also given to encourage the children to come to school - if they are not at school, they are not learning! Each week, the class with the best attendance wins a trophy and chooses an envelope with a reward inside. Those children who have 100% attendance are given a special award at the end of the year.